Best Hand Drum Class in Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley!

Welcome to Universal Drumming(TM) the best hand drum class in Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley. This Los Angeles drum class & San Fernando Valley drum class at the Remo Recreational Music Center RMC will teach you the fundamentals of hand drumming if you live in Los Angeles or the & San Fernando Valley and are looking for a drum class. You will learn fundamentals of rhythm and drumming and the drum class will teach you to drum effectively in any situation. Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley is home to many drum and drumming enthusiasts and you will meet many others in this class. Whether you are drumming with friends in Los Angeles or the San Fernando Valley, or want to drum professionally, or drum with dancers, drum in a drumming circle, or just love hand drumming and want a Los Angeles or San Fernando Valley based hand drum class then Universal Drumming is for you!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to drum
but didn't know where to begin?
Come and join LA's funnest and most popular hand
drumming class!

Drum Class in Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley with Alex Spurkel

If you live in Los Angeles, come join us and experience the joy of group hand drumming! No drum or experience necessary.


Class Dates: April 5-26, 2017
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Following session: May 3-31, 2017

Class Times: 7:30pm - 8:45pm (click to learn more!)
Registration: $60 for 4-class session (or $18 for one class)
Remo Recreational Music Center
7308 Coldwater Canyon, North Hollywood, CA 91605
(San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles)
Hurry, space is LIMITED!!  Click to Enroll!

Effective group drumming Excercises for timing and speed
Polyrhythms Improvisation
African & Middle Eastern rhythms Proper hand drum techniques
Drum Circle / Jamming ...Much MORE!

  Learn to Drum in LA!
Hand Drumming Class in Los Angeles