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Alex Spurkel is a vetran Los Angeles based drum circle facilitator. A Facilitated drum circle is an uplifting experience in which participants are expertly guided through a free-form, ecstatic group drumming experience. People have been using the drum to gather, bond, and celebrate for thousands of years and this time-tested activity is just as powerful now than ever. For certain programs, Alex also adds motivational content and uses the drum circle to teach valuable life lessons such as leadership, belief in yourself, and working together. Drums and percussion instruments are provided and there are no limitations as far as who can participate and benefit from a drum circle. If you are planning an upcoming event, consider making it truly special by adding a drum circle! (email to book)

Why a drum circle?
• Builds community and empowers groups
• Fun, energizing and uplifting
• Relieves stress, promotes health & well-being
• Fosters cooperation, unity and teamwork
• Teaches listening and leadership skills, as well as non-verbal communication
• Focuses the mind and puts participants purely in the moment
• Includes everyone, non-restrictive, all-ages
• No experience needed

Alex has different programs for:
• Corporate functions
(teambuilding, picnics, conferences, icebreakers, meetings)
• Schools & Camps
• Universities (motivational & casual events)
• Young children (preschools, birthdays)
• Special needs and at-risk groups
• Community events
• Celebrations

Facilitated drum circles are great for:
• Company events & parties
• Retreats & camps
• Jewish occasions (ie, Purim, Rosh Hashanah, Lag B'Omer, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, etc)
• Motivational events
• Health Facilities & Yoga centers

• Birthdays and special occasions

• Men's & women's groups


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Drum Circle Format
Alex Spurkel facilitates drum circles locally in Los Angeles or can travel too. Pricing depends on the type, size and location of your event, and packages are scalable to suit your needs. Most drum circles last 40-60 minutes but can be modified to fit your event schedule. For more information, booking, and pricing please contact Alex via email or phone
at 323-356-6435.
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Alex Spurkel drum circle Facilitator

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